Original photos from the opening of HIMYM

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Chad Gilbert challenges heckler to push up contest.

This was in Brockport, NY. New Found Glory was playing and this dude near the front was yelling “you suck!” Chad Gilbert heard him and challenged him to a push up competition on stage in which if Chad won the dude in the crowd would have to leave. This was the result. 
The dude didn’t end up having to leave but this was still hilarious.

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sneakin up on tha pussy


sneakin up on tha pussy

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We Are The In Crowd, Goot Release P!NK Cover



We Are The In Crowd and Goot have released a cover of P!NK’s “Just Give Me A Reason.” Listen to it below by clicking “Read More.”

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Album Art


Against the Current (Studio Preview)

ArtistAgainst the Current
TitleGuessing (Studio Preview)
AlbumGuessing - Single

Bobby Moynihan is ridiculously funny

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